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Ionic columns and things...

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So I have decided I am going to use a chunk based file format called .HEF and that it will be quite similar to .3DS. It's going to contain everything from mesh to music data to ... whatever I need for my engine, eventual CAD tools and maybe even a game!

I have spent all of today writing a .X to .HEF converter so I can start working with meshes. I have already got it to the stage today where it can contain static meshes. Over the next couple of days I intend to add bone and animation chunks to the file format.

Here is a picture of an ionic column with normals displayed. Although boring there is a lot going on there. It is displayed using my engine renderer DLL which is coming along nicley. The column mesh was loaded from my HEF file format. The texture was loaded from my own DDS loader and there is not a single function or variable from the D3DX library used to do this [smile]

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