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My meaningless predicion

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We now have some very well-proven bits of technology available to us. . .

1. Battery powered devices that can be charged through induction, namely electric toothbrushes

2. Devices that can sync with servers and computers wirelessly, like my Zune

3. Headphones that connect to devices wirelessly, ala bluetooth

So why haven't we yet combined all three technologies and made completely sealed media players and cellphones? Seems like the biggest reliability problem with the devices lies with 'em getting wet or getting their ports broken from being dropped or improperly removing a cable. If the devices were completely sealed, then those become nonissues.

Batteries and SIM-cards would be a problem, because you need to penetrate the device to replace those. Perhaps some kind of sealed door held on with screws for the occasion that you need to replace a piece of innards. Heck, we've been able to make waterproof watches for decades. Why not waterproof tech?

And now that we have laptops with no internal moving parts, why not sealed laptops? I'd love a laptop that I could toss in the dishwasher when it gets dirty.
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Wouldn't cd / dvd drives still present a problem with completely sealing a laptop? Or am I out of date?

Also... why would mobile phone (etc.) companies do such a thing? It would all be loss from their point of view.

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Yep, it'd definitely be a special purpose thing. I'd trade the built-in CD for immunity from coffee spills. Biggest drawback I see is the lack of USB ports. I do use my laptop often for playing videos, and the USB thumbdrive seems to be the preferred method for that.

But yeah, why would cellphone makers care about tougher phones when people typically throw their phones away after a year.

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