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Eveh3D Editor and Cleanup

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*Ugh* cleanup.

I am to admit that some of the code was left in for testing. I am sure many members here know what I am talking about... When you put in code for testing, then completely forget about it. Ugh.


Eveh3D World Editor

As some of you may know, I have decided to start work on an editor for our engine. I have not talked much about it until now. Its great for both a test for the engine as a whole, and for us to finalize the engine's structure.

...Not to mention, we will need to do this anyway. This editor will basically allow us to import different images, terrains, skyboxes, and edit varies of different things (lights, light position, properties of these objects, etc.) that will be stored within a scene graph. When saving, it will save the scene graph nodes as an XML file that can be read by the engine.

This will allow the game to load a single scene very easily. The games' scripts will decide when and what scenes to load based off the level that the game is in. The exact details of everything is still being decided, so we are always looking for more options here, and how we should store the scene information.

Current pics

Some objects being rendered using different properties; stored within the scene graph. Please note the scene graph view window is not finished yet.

Rendering a white sphere, with lighting, solid rendering, Not scaled

Rendering a *.tga 32bpp compressed textured cube, with lighting, solid rendering, Not scaled. Here you can also see log console window

Lighting, Texturing, and Material management has been all fully integrated into the engine.

Sphere and cube scene nodes are also integrated into the engine for use by the scene manager. You can see them being rendered in the above pics.


We are going to treat the terrain as a standard scene node, along with the other objects. The terrain will be rendered using an LoD algorithm via geographic mipmapping technique. Lets hope it turns out well...

OSDev Series - Tutorial 15

This tutorial should be completed either today or tomorrow. I'll keep you posted...

The tutorial itself is completed. I just need to finish working on the demo.
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