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Evil Steve


Notes to self:
1) If you're at a party and someone offers to play you at Guitar Hero on the 360, don't bother.
2) If you do end up playing Guitar Hero, for fucks sake don't say "I raped you at that last song"
3) If you do fall for the above two points, leave before one of the hosts comes up to you and asks you to leave because you "threatened to rape" his girlfriend.

Oh well. That's what I get for being so politically incorrect I suppose.
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Ironically I told someone I "raped" them tonight in Guitar Hero 3 on the Xbox 360. Fortunately for me he took it modestly, and didn't kick me out. :)

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Ghay, I had to sign up to this to comment. Just to say I really wouldn't worry about it. Martin's not a good person and when it was just me and him he was saying some really appauling things about her. Also, stay away from the gingers!

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I noticed more and more people have started saying "I raped you at *whatever*". I don't know why people have started saying that; I don't particularly like it. I'm so apathetic though that I never comment on it.

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