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Well, I think that's the last of the site prep for GDC - only a day behind schedule [smile]

Let me know if you spot particular problems with the site theme or with the coverage - as you might expect my response times will be a bit slow this week but I'll fix what I can.

This morning I went to the game writing workshop - pretty cool stuff, more focused on general "good writing" techniques than on games in particular. I skipped out after lunch to have a couple of meetings and work on the site, but I got a full copy of the slides so I'll go through them later. Interesting stuff - we spent most of the morning covering the classical story structures (Aristotelian 3-phase, and The Hero's Journey) with plenty of case studies to see how particular films have used those structures. Looking at the slides, the afternoon was going to cover things like exposition, character arcs, and so on.
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Yep. Looks snazzy in IE, but in Firefox and Opera it's kinda broke. The G logo and the first part of the gamedev.net text are repeated to the right, just before the intel Game Demo Contest ad. None of the GDC themed fireball / reflection images show up either, just the defaults.

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