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I'm Fairly Certain

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I quit out of Team Fortress 2 tonight at 9:30pm because it seemed like a good time to get some work done. I ended up playing Audiosurf immediately afterwards for an hour. Then I looked at code, did some completely mundane coding tasks on Asplode! that should have taken me about five minutes. I'm tired. I blame the completely screwed-up sleeping schedule on Asplode!, of course.

I did manage to upload a video, though. This is a large 12MB file given that it's less than thirty seconds long, but I'm slowly learning how to record and compress videos, so take pity.

I am also seriously reconsidering my use of XNA when it comes time to start my next game. My ideal method of distribution, much like my praise for casual games in my last entry, is to make the downloading and executing of games I make as simple as possible. With XNA I have to have people install the XNA redistributable and, if that doesn't work, the .NET 2.0 framework. And I still have, to this day, only had about three people (of the polled eight-nine people) get the game to work without the XNA Game Studio installed. I'm told this distribution hassle is greatly eased by just creating a well-made installer but, really, this all seems like a greater hassle than it's worth. I'd just as soon go back to C/C++ with OpenGL just to ensure that execution is as simple as possible for the greatest number of users.

Don't confuse me with someone that actively seeks the opportunity to use OpenGL. I love DirectX. It's treated me well these last five-six years and I have no real yearning to switch to OpenGL but if it helps my idea for a far easier distribution method then I'm all for it. Kinda. Multiplatform DirectX would be far nicer.
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Making an installer is CAKE. Just use something like NSIS.

The trickiest part is figuring out what all needs to be installed for your app to run. My guess would be:

DX Runtime
.net 2 runtime
xna 2 runtime

But figuring out exactly what needs to go in is a one-time cost.

And you SHAME ME with your OpenGL talk. I thought I knew you.

For shame.

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Ooh, pretty. I'm going to guess the video is 12MB because it's at a particularly high resolution. 1280x1024 is a bit much, isn't it? [smile]

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Yeah, I realized why it was so large shortly after I uploaded it. Since I'm still not really "promoting" the game outside my dev journal and IRC, though, I didn't really see a strong need to go back and re-compress it.

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Casual games should never require an installer. I should be able to just unzip, play and delete, non of this install and uninstall crap.

Might want to consider making the next one browser based, not that that's any more fun then having to use OpenGL.

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