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Stephen R


And again, wow. I got so much work done today I'm quite proud of myself.

This morning I spent a few hours redoing my site. I streamlined the CSS file and improved the layout slightly. I also altered the color-scheme drasticlly so that it didn't hurt my eyes anymore. It wasn't great but it was easier to read. I texted my artist to tell him that I had updated my site as he'd been helping me with the colors yesterday. A half-hour later and I get an e-mail from him containing a turbo-charged-chrome-plated version of my CSS file. I plug it into my site - and bam - it looks way better. I love CSS, you can just change a few setting in you css file and your whole site looks better. Then another while later I get ANOTHER e-mail from my artist with a new banner image to replace my old decrepid one. Plug that into the site and again it looks better. My site is no longer the horrible mutant child you'd keep in your basement (not that I keep a mutant child in my basement, I don't have a basement) - its now a proud part of my journal banner.

Once I'd finished working on my site I got to work rendering the first scene of Blind - what we call the walking scene. You are looking down at the ground as it scrolls past you and wet footsteps mark your passage. I got the concrete ground tiling and scrolling properly without any problems. I haven't turned on lighting yet because it doesn't really affect the ground because all the normals point straight up. Tomorrow I'm going to get the text based aspect of the scene up and running.

I'm also just finished writing a postmortem of Raw for my site as an example of how to go very wrong when making a game. Its probably covered in horrible spelling/grammer mistakes but I dont't think its too bad.

All in all a good day.
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