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I've got a bit done since my last update. Just been working on the main systems. Anyway, here's a screenshot of the dialogue system I have whipped up:

Don't mind the background, I'm working on the interface and the menu system was the first thing I started with. When I went into working on the dialogue system, I didn't waste my time changing the background lol.

Anyway, the system is simple:
You specify a speaker's name (if one isn't specified, then it's not displayed and the box for it isn't displayed.)
You also specify text and a location (either 0, 1, or 2. 0 = top, 1 = center, 2 = bottom.)

Text is handled like most simple RPGs; if you specify too much to be displayed on the screen at once, it only displays what can be. Then, through ShowNextChunk(), it'll display the next portion of the text.

When ShowNextChunk() is called and no text is left to display, the Visible flag is set to false and the text is erased.

You can also choose to not display the background.

I'll upload a screenshot of the menu system sometime later. Don't know when; Cierra's parents are coming to visit so I have to help clean up plus I have work. Anyway, bedtime.
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