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Z-Axis Games?

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Journal title has been changed to reflect the tentative name of the development company I'm putting together. Staff so far are Me, myself and I. Almost like the three stooges..I have made contact with some good resources in my area and I'm keeping an eye for candidates in several forums, GameDev.net the foremost.

Anyway I thought it was too premature to hype Sublime our planned MMO while its still primarily in concept development--thus the journal name change. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on the company name. I'll be registering the name as a sole-proprieter owned entity in state of NJ and file with IRS.

First project:I'm thinking a small RPG, with a rich text component as the first goal for Z-Axis. I'm working on what type of budget number I'd apply to the project and what I would offer compensation-wise to potential team members. My resources are extremely tight however I believe offering a small cash compensation attracts a larger pool of candidates. In game credits are a given. A proportional percentage of sales, if any might be a possibility..

Anyway, please feel free to constructively comment on the game company name.
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Why not drop the "-" and become "Zaxis Games". Flows off the tongue better and everyone will still 'get' what it means :-)

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Excellent point on dropping the hyphen, I think your right it simplifies the name and cleans things up.

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I have been following your game journal a little while. and to be honest I am a bit suprised that you are being so optimistic and also putting a lot of effort into getting a game company started and now also working on a MMO.

My advise:

Do NOt make a MMO yet when I was 18 I bought a book that showed me what you needed to do to make a MMO and trust me its a beast of a task you are looking at years of work and from the amount of thingsI read you have not really programmed a game yet.

Work on a RPG in C# using XNA for example it gives you a lot of possibility to get a RPG working fast and getting some fundamental ideas in place. If you need some guidance i will gladly help you aswell but my interest field is mostly C++ right now :)

wijnand@dalmijn.com is my MSN


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Thanks for the feedback Wijnand.I agree my 'first impression' to readers was that I would immediately start developing a complex MMO.

As you can see I've toned down my immediate goals for the present. I am forming a small team now and plan to work on a small 2D game very shortly.

I'm 45 year's old, successfully lanched one technology start-up and do have a lot of 'real world experience'.

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