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ESP, continued

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The physical therapy lecture is over, so continuing with ESP..

The lecture was more about the challenges of developing ESP, which consisted more with timing than development issues, and what they plan to do with ESP in the future. Right now ESP is at v1.0 and is the first branch off of MS Flight Sim X.

They plan to release a version every 18-24 months, so ESP v2.0 is in the definition phase and is planned to be available around the end of 2009 or early 2010.

Microsoft has partnered with a number of companies in the simulation industry, including Lockheed Martin, Presagis, CAE, and SAIC, which leads me to believe that they will be targeting the ground-based market sooner rather than later. In fact v2.0 is meant to be the first jump into ground-based simulation while v3.0 is meant to be an extension of that as well as water- or marine-based simulation.

So, my thoughts, continued: Again, I can't believe it took Microsoft this long to make the jump with their FlightSim technology. Having said that, they do have a good technology base to work from, and anyone looking to spend more time on a product should consider using ESP. However, keep in mind that their pricing model includes a cost on each runtime instance of ESP - meaning each SKU of your game or simulation will cost you money ($79 I believe). By pricing ESP in this manner, Microsoft is making it clear that it is meant for simulation/serious games only.

Toward the end a video was shown of Acron Capbility Engineering, Inc. discussing their use of ESP. At the end of the video the CEO of Acron had a line that was a clear shot at the long-time players in the simulation industry: "the old school is gone".
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