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Off to the last session...

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So I sat through another postmortem at the IGS earlier, this time for Schizoid, a game by Torpex that's the first XNA Game Studio game to be released on XBLA. Bill Dugan, the company head, gave a great breakdown as to why XNA GS is great (C#, easy build out to Xbox, great support) and why it's not (managed code works better on PC than Xbox, optomization takes extra time, TCRs, Certification) as well as an overview of what went well and what went wrong. Looking forward to writing this one up as I know we have a lot of XNA GS fanboys out there.

Oh and I got the video blog coverage online in the articles section of the coverage page - I don't think that's all there is so far, I'll have to confirm with Sande and double check on that.

Now however I have to run back downstairs to catch the tail end of the IGS and then get ready to party the night away. W00t!

Sorry I haven't posted any pictures yet - I'll try to get some online tomorrow.
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Original post by nordwindranger
whoohoo xna!!
can't wait for the writeup

I was actually thinking the same thing :P

EDIT: Drew, thanks for the coverage of GDC. I really appreciate you and all the other folks from GDNet giving us such wonderful coverage.

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