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includes amazing video experience!!!

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first off, here's a video for all the people who only read the journals for the pretty pictures and videos (heh, I'm one of them)

old project video!

thats the last video that I made of my old project. It is pretty much dead now, because it was xna 1.0, and it isn't worth the bother to convert it to xna 2.0. It had a lot of cool concepts, but the underlying code really showed my inexperience (re: not very advanced. think spaghetti bowl)

--back to my current project---
I've been fiddling with control schemes for 3rd person gun aiming. I came up with some rather crappy ideas, which I will showcase at a later date. In the process of working on gun related stuff, I managed to create several very nice classes to handle guns. Guns operate similar to real guns and include several states like "reloading, firing, bolting.."

Anyways I've been looking at physics a lot latey. I've considered a couple options:
1. use a outside physics engine with a .net wrapper (these already exist)
2. use bounding spheres
3. use object orientated bounding boxes
4. use bounding boxes in conjunction with collision meshes (polygon level collision detection).

So far the most useful solution seems to be incorporating collision meshes and bounding boxes. This will be fairly complicated, but luckily I've found a rather nice tutorial for xna on the subject.

I decided against using a third-party physics system because they tend to be way to complicated. At this point I really don't need realistic physics, just decent collision. Not to mention my framerate is already hovering at 60, I don't need it to get any lower
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