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Time and money

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On the Updating of Blogs

I have heard conflicting wisdom regarding updating:
1: Never update unless you have something good, or else you'll suck.
2: Always update, even if it sucks, or you'll never get good.

In any event, I imagine I'll either be writing less here, or writing more about other things. Perhaps both? Why: Well, all things considered (and maybe it's the tax in the air), I've got to concentrate on making money sooner rather than later. I've got to work harder on freelance jobs and getting into that whole thing and less on my long-term projects which may or may not pay out in any way (and even if they did in the best of cases, it'd be in a years time -- and I can't wait a year to get decent income).

So here's to that! Either this'll work, or I'll have to start making comics about how miserable I'd be in a real job.

I'll write a regular update on Wednesdays, once a week. ... and also whenever I feel like I particularly have something to say.

It's not like I'm stopping, of course. I'm just slowing down personal projects, maybe I can be more thoughtful. It'll be fun. And perhaps I'll talk about freelance work I do, if the clients approve (doubt most would turn down free publicity!).


For fun, I made some "concept art", which is usually the death knell of a project I do because (long story condensed), I used to make grand plans with 2 friends of mine, and the only thing we'd complete is a pile of concept art because, well, none of knew how to program. We figured we could be "idea guys". Anyway:

And due to a certain someone calling my bluff, I've been writing up (as in, in a document) a gameplay/setting/story overview for Oort. I'll post some bits of it after wringing it out a couple more times.
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