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Why, howdy, everyone!

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..and boy, are my arms tired!

It seems I live in Interesting Times. The several hour a week I had hoped to devote to my 4E6 entry since the holidays seem to have dried up and blown away. Or more accurately, been crushed under a huge pile of ice and darkness. Here in West Michigan we have seen the sun five times since the beginning of the year. My good intentions fell victim to some profound seasonally-affected depression, which manifested as lethargy and ennui.

On the couple of days which were actually nice, I went outside and walked around, trying to rid myself of CRT poisoning and the perpetual fluorescent light-induced headache. If you want to drive yourself insane, be in a room with an old fluorescent light and an old CRT monitor. Notice how things look a little... strange? That is because the refresh rate of the monitor and the refresh rate of the fluorescent light differ, and the oddness is the millisecond flashes of energy going in and out of phase with each other.

Needless to say, my head has not been in a build-a-game space.

I have made progress, however, and the latest build (including code, notes graphics, compiled project, and HTML page wrapper) can be grabbed here. I occasionally throw a new build in that directory. Mostly I just zip a day's work and email it to my Gmail account, as a sort of back-up.

During my not-building-a-game time, I have been working on my Grand Rapids Crime Map and taking photos of the Grand River.

Fortunately, like Superman, exposure to the sun has revitalized me, and I am back at work on the game. Good progress is being made. I am not sure if I will have a complete version done by the end of 4E6, but I will have something at least marginally playable. Even if I don't finish, I have learned more about flash, and game design, and information systems, in the past five months than at any time before. So I have that going for me.
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