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The craziness continues

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Sitting at the table on floor 3 in West Hall right after my last entry I ran into Vicky Arundel from Introversion and Stephane D'Astous, the General Manager form Eidos Montreal, who's working on the upcoming Deus Ex 3 game.

So then I checked out the expo over at North Hall - for those of you who were around last year (either checking our coverage or at the conference itself) you may remember that the Expo was divided between both West and North halls, which was a pain in the ass. This year, the bigger North Hall is hosting the entire expo while the West Hall holds the Career Pavilion. Good move CMP.

Anyways I photographed several of the IGF finalists at their booth as usual, got to meet some of them for the first time in person which is always great. Then there were some IGF vets like Simon Hallam from Reflexive and Brad McDonald from Large Animal. I also ran into Steve Chiavelli, one of the Toblo guys from last year, as well as his lovely wife Brittany (whom he proposed to on stage last year).

After the Expo I went to the Small Studio Survivor Stories where I finally bumped into Dave Mark (Innocuous Fox here on the forums) and his wife Laurie. I didn't get much out of the session initially because I couldn't hear anyone very well, but my recorder can hear better than me and I can jack up the volume so that works. I did get the gist of most of the stuff and there's some good tidbits of info in there.

After that session I hiked over to the Westin to attend the annual IGDA VIP Luncheon, where I was able to say hi to a bunch of people like Tom Buscaglia (the Game Attorney), John Fiel, Brian Reynolds (Big Huge Games), Davey Jackson (GarageGames) and more. The recipients of this year's IGDA MVP awards were Mike McShaffry (Mr. Mike of Game Coding Complete), Wade Tinney (one of the founders of Large Animal and a principle IGDA NY chapter director) and Susan Gold (for her work with the education SIG and providing the curriculum framework used by many schools today).

Then on the way back to Moscone West to sit down with the Queensland Games people I bumped into Warren Spector, who I haven't seen in a few years and got to catch up with him and his deal with working for Disney. Turns out he actually isn't in any way involved in Deus Ex 3, although he is keeping an eye on it when he can.

So then it was an interview with the people from Queensland in Australia and how the game industry has really boomed over there thanks to the government's strong support and the success of a number of their game studios like Pandemic and Krome and the arrival of biggies like THQ, SEGA, and Activision among others. One of the people was Steve "Sly" Williams, lead programmer from Krome, who is actually a member here on the GDNet forums under the nickname "sly" - so if you see him or have seen him heed his advice well cause he's one of the greats!

Ok, I'm just waiting for my laptop battery to die on me so I better be going - one more session and the booth crawl and the GDCAs and then a ops team meeting.... I'll have to get up early tomorrow to report on everything cause I'll probably crash as soon as I get back to my hotel room!

But we'll see. I may be able to at least post the GDCA winners before bed. Later!
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