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I just got back from the Game Developers Choice Awards. They were pretty decent as far as these things go, although listening to the 30th person say "no, thank you, general members of the [AUDIENCE/TEAM/DEVELOPER COMMUNITY]!" is mind numbing. If I ever win an award, the only person I'm going to thank is myself. Profusely. I'll probably even bring cupcakes up there to celebrate, but I'm eating all of them myself because I'm the only one up there that deserves them.

Portal cleaned up in terms of awards, which will surprise approximately nobody. It's just a fantastic game, it'd be a travesty if it weren't recognized for that.

There was also a new award called the "Gleemy", which was more or less an utterly transparent attempt to promote "Gleemax.com." I'm not even going to properly hyperlink to them out of principle. I say that because of the completely out of place marketing video they showed before presenting the award. I'm not sure what they were thinking with that, but I'd be pretty surprised if the award is was back next year, I think they did a great job of alienating the crowd on that one.

They also had Yahtzee from theescapist record some segments for the show, which was a mixed blessing. Yahtzee is hilarious and absolutely brilliant, but I think his comedy might've been a bit too harsh given the audience, and even in the best of listening conditions it can be hard as hell to figure out what he's saying because he talks so damned fast. It'll be interesting to see if they bring him back to do more next year.
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