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Funny bit

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I read Ian's entry on the Game Developer's Choice Awards and his comment about the, "no, thank you..." [my changed emphasis] was pretty much true. I don't think any winner acted...worthy. I suppose this is being humble. Being conservative on the outside, I'd probably do the same thing. But, I hope Ian wins soon, because it'd be pretty awesome for someone to hand out cupcakes to every member of the audience. 'specially now that this thing is going on TV. Well maybe. I mean maybe "'specially." It really is going on TV. G4TV to be exact. Two weeks. (Did Ian mention that? I only read half his post. ADD, you know.)

The best comic relief from a winner was the Fez (I think) developer, who had written and recited a small haiku (as opposed to, you know, a large haiku...hmmmm), sporting a monocle and....yep, a fez. Classy. Almost as good as the pirate dudes from a few years ago. Also, there was a little comical "inspirational" video played at some point, advising winners on how to prepare their acceptance speech. The last piece of advice was something like, "if you can't think of anything....propose marriage." A nod to the fellow who actually did that...last year? These shows really are good fun.

I'm going to try and upload a couple of pics. I'm not even sure I know where they are. One is a photo of the Octave Engine physics engine featuring GPU physics by Takahiro Harada, who is also in the photo. This thing, with a million fluid/rigid body particles (er...read his GPU Gems 3 chapter) is running on *6* GPU's, which were in these external boxes off to the side, e.g., not the same SLI configurations the kids have in their gaming desktops these days.

(It took me 3 edits to correct the spelling errors I found above. I hate spelling errors. I can't get over it.)
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