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I am lame

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It seems to be becoming a nasty habit of mine to oversleep one day at GDC - usually a Wed or a Thurs - out of simple exhaustion. Although granted my usual blissful 6 hours of sleep was somewhat interrupted last nite since the ops team (and the Rhino) were all crammed into Lissa's room until the wee hours of the morning discussing.... things I can't talk about. But that are cool. Way cool. Awesome? Yea, maybe totally awesome.

But anyways after nodding off like a dozen times Lissa finally sent me to bed - she's a mother of 5 so yes, she can order me to bed with all the authority necessary. I meant to get up at the same time my girlfriend left to catch her flight home at around 6:30 (only about 4 hours sleep but, I've done worse) but I obviously fell right back asleep after she left. I shoulda had her drag me out of bed beforehand. Oh well.

So I missed my first session today - hence me being lame, because it sounded like a decent session.

So, where'd I leave off yesterday? Oh yes, I attended a session from UK studio Splash Damage about the methodologies that brought them from amateur to triple-A in five years. Sitting next to me at the lecture was Mark Morris from Introversion. At one point in the lecture, Splash Damage head Paul Wedgwood mentioned the dangers of success, including big homes and super cars - at which point I couldn't help casting a knowing smile in Mark's direction as he and Tom Arundel have both admitted their guilty expenditures on "fast cars" upon the success of Introversion. Of course Mark could only chuckle acknowledgment in response - guilty as charged.

Next I hopped over to North Hall to surf the Expo while the Booth Crawl was in progress. Hooked up with fellow New Jersey-ite Mike Hayes while wandering around. Then ran into Richard and Seyi on a booze hunt. Stopped off at the GG/InstantAction booth to say hi to Jeff Tunell, Debbie Marshall, Ben Garney, Davey Jackson and the rest of the GG crew hanging around, including CEO Josh Williams. Ended up at the Course PTR booth where I saw Lissa for the first time this week, as she only arrived yesterday. (like I said earlier - 5 kids)

Hit up the GDCA reception and schmoozed with the finalists, ran into Tommy Tallarico. The awards show this year was as phenomenal as last year's. I'll have to wait to write up a full report but in the meantime Crescente (with help from Ashcraft) over at Kotaku has the scoop on the winners - since I'm lame (as previously stated) and forgot my list of winners in the hotel room this morning.


Crap I have a press interview in 15 minutes downstairs in the career pavilion - gotta run!
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