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no luck with sessions today

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So I had my interview where I met with the two principle ladies behind Greenlight Jobs who are interested in writing content for the website. Obviously any of you looking to land a position in the industry can take notice of this when it comes along hopefully in the next few months. Obviously the question you should ask is whether a recruiter or job service is best for you. I'll bet you five bucks that Tom Sloper over at Sloperama has something on whether you should use recruiters/agencies - but if he doesn't then I'll talk to him when I see him (if he's here - I can't remember if he said he'd be making it out this year) or email him if I don't about doing an article on the use of recruiters/agents. I'd like an objective piece like that.

After the meeting I surfed the Expo a bit more, completed (I think) my photographing all the IGF finalists. A few weren't present and probably won't be at any time by the looks of things but I at least got photos of their booth. I'm also going to get updated photos of the ones who won prizes in the IGF awards. While cruising I ran into Hal Barwood and Mark DeLoura, as well as Dave Gilbert, a friend from NYC and his lovely girlfriend Janet.

So then I hustled over to the session area of North Hall to attend the IGDA open house roundtable to discuss the future of the IGDA and its role in the industry, but the session was completely vacant and so I have no idea if it was a misprint or a cancellation - I'll have to ask Jason next time I see him. So that's the second session I lucked out on... hopefully my third one at 4 with Mr. Mike will be successful.

So I downloaded all the GDCA and other pictures from yesterday from the camera - some 620 pics!! I didn't even know I could take that many pictures with this camera - the LCD screen only reads a limit of ~500 but I guess if I take pics sideways it doesn't take as much space or something. Anyways, the awards ceremony alone took up 363 pictures - and what awesome pictures. I learned from my mistake last year and turned the auto-focus off and snapped some incredible shots, can't wait to post them up.

Well, going to confirm that I have all my IGF pics in the can and then get ready for another meeting at 1pm. Check in later for more...
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