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Was gunna upload pics but...

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Teh internets is slow [sad]

I'm sitting in the XNA Lounge in Moscone North waiting for the Introversion folk (Mark, Tom, Vicky) to all show up so we can sit down and chat. Since I missed their presentation on Mon due to the IGDA chapter leaders workshop, they agreed to chat with me on what the presentation was all about. I also have a print out of the slides for even further reference. It's a bit louder in here than a table at Moscone West but my next session at 4pm is here at North so I want to be able to maximize my time with them.

So I cruised the Expo some more, walked up and down every single isle and took pics of all the cool stuff I saw. They have a full-sized F1 car replica that you can sit in and drive a Formula One racing game - it's not a full-motion simulator though, just a shell. S3 has a full-motion racing simulator that's just the chair and three monitors providing the view...

Oh wait... I see Dan Paladin from The Behemoth. BRB

Sweet, Dan introduced me to Steve Baptiste from Harmonix, who I actually sent the GDCA pictures of Harmonix's award(s?) for GH last year. Small world eh? Then Alexey Pajitnov (the creator of Tetris) was standing right behind Dan and Steve so after saying ciao to them I walked up to shake his hand. I sent him pictures from last year's GDCA where he got the Lifetime Achievement award - he said he got them and it looked like he was telling the truth but I'm not sure. He may have been like dude who the hell is this guy and why the f*ck is he sending me pictures? But either way at least I got to shake his hand... again. I shook his hand and said hi last year too at the IGF pavilion.

Ok where was I? Right, Expo. So they had a large statue of the THX robot at the THX booth. NASA had a booth with a full-sized space suit replica you could step into for a photo. Sony had this HUGE LCD screen up at it's Playstation booth. I actually met the woman who set the booth up (through Mark DeLoura) and she said they shipped in dozens of small panels and assembled them altogether and put the pictures in a computer that programmed the screen to display the images. Finally, I ran into about a half-dozen people steam punked the f*ck out like, hard-hardcore. It was awesome.

Ok so, pictures aren't coming till I get home I've decided. Just too busy. Speaking of which, Introversion will be here any minute now so better get going. More later!
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I think it's a California/San Francisco thing... My internet seems to suck everywhere here. Garh!

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