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0 for 3 :(

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So this is my 7th GDC, and never have I had a worse day of scheduling snafus. Not only did I miss out on my first session due to overt laziness, not only was my second session mis-printed or something, but my third session actually took place yesterday at the time it was put in my calendar for today! Stupidness on my part? A change in the schedule since I inputted the session into my calendar? I have no clue. But I guess I've finally learned to double-check my schedule clsoer to GDC and then again once I actually get to the conference. I'm lucky I suppose I haven't encountered this problem before, but seems my luck has finally run out.

Oh speaking of being out of luck, Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl, the creators of the IGF finalist Tri-Achnid, had to sit in chairs at the back of the VIP area instead of at a table because Edmund forgot to RSVP. So take note - if you're ever an IGF finalist, make sure you RSVP to you round table seating invite. Or else.

Well, at least the talk with Introversion went well. Vicky will be sending me her slide deck so that will help a lot with being able to still write up about her talk even though I missed it. I talked to Chris Delay about his work with procedural programming, and Tom Arundel gave some insight into the UK indie developer scene. My only hope is that the audio recorder picked everything up since the music here at the bar is a bit loud even where we were sitting, not to mention the rest of the ambient noise. Oh I also snagged Tom's laser-etched metal business card - Chris was all out so I'm still one short of completing the set. But I still have two more than Richard [evil]

Dude, the internet here at North Hall is teh suck. It took this page like a couple of minutes to load - after I refreshed it a few times. Bleh. I wish I could go over to West and sit in the press lounge (yey secure press wifi!) but I have to meet up with Heather from Cengage/Course PTR at the Expo in a short while so the trip's pretty worthless.

Whoops, my low-battery warning just popped up. Guess I'll be going now. Course Author party tonight as well as Will Wright's evening out. I'm going to try to hit up Suite Night as well. Report back tonight from the hotel I hope, or tomorrow morning - I swear I'll be awake on time :P

Now... hopefully this posts before my battery dies...
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