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Today's been a bit of a writeoff. After going to the Games Tech Mixer last night (where I met up with some ex-colleagues from NaturalMotion, and was introduced to some guys from Emergent - great party, folks, wish I could have stayed longer) I came back to the hotel at 9pm for a GDNet meeting. That turned into dinner followed by a meeting, such that the meeting itself finally started at some time after 11pm and I eventually went to bed at about 2:30am.

The inevitable result of that, of course, was that I didn't wake up till 11:00am or so this morning, missing all my morning sessions. Sigh.

Oluseyi and I went down to the Metreon for lunch, via T-Mobile so I could buy myself a US phone, and then I got in just in time for the 2:30pm session on Bioshock's visual effects. This session was completely full - all the chairs were taken, and there were about 50 people standing or leaning along the back walls - and it was pretty good. They talked about how they'd developed their lit particle system, some of their water effects, some of their fire effects.. plenty of good, in-depth information about what kind of shaders they used and stuff.

I'm currently sat on the second floor near one of the much-coveted power sockets, writing this post and preparing for my final session of the day in 25 minutes, about composing dynamic music.
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Shame I didn't see you there, but with that amount of people not really that strange :D. I'm going to try and get hold of the slides for that talk, so will certainly post back if that work. The next two talks I went to were just as packed though (the Halo Lighting & Materials one, and the Sparse Textures ones as well).

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I'm quite interested in reading about the dynamic music stuff. It seems to be one of those areas where people are still throwing around definitions without any real substance to it.

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