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afternoon + rant

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(begin rant)
There is, actually, only one thing I can think of that annoys me about the site. And it is the password cookie system. On some machines (including the laptop I am using this week) the site seems to not save login info. Even though I told it to remember my login name (which works always) and password (which doesn't....on the occasional machine). Even though I explicitly added gamedev.net as a domain that is always allowed to add cookies. I have had to login to the site a couple dozen times since I got to GDC, which never happens on my home machine. I always have those checkboxes checked also. Oh well, just a minor annoyance. And it has the positive benefit of permanently burning that nearly-forgotten password into my brain.
(/end rant)

I love gamedev.net. I do. Have for years. And the gamedev people also, are fantastic, passionate, sincere, curious, inventive, honest, fun-loving, driven. In a word....awesome. All of them.

(By the way, I'd like to apologize to Melissa for being totally aloof and not seeing that she was Melissa immediately in the Course Technology booth the other day. My bad. There is no excuse.)

Went to the experimental gameplay session this afternoon. I had a "Drew" moment...shall I call it that?, ;), e.g., wrote the wrong time range on my schedule, and discovered too late that the session bumped into the C++ session. So I skipped the latter and vegged for a while on the 2nd floor of West Hall. Experimental gameplay was divided into various categories this year, including "replay" which dealt with playing with time/parallel timelines. Some super cool games there, including Jonathan Blow's Braid that has been shown now for at least, maybe, 3 years? The other section I found fascinating was "Two Level," the idea that you are playing two game levels at once. Hard to describe. Google "YinYang game" or "Armor Games Shift" for examples. I was expecting to see the IGF finalist FlipSide (unusual HL2 mod) in this category, but I guess it wasn't submitted to experimental gameplay. (There was also a game called "Shadow," not yet released, that had some familiarish gameplay aspects to it. Certain people might know what I mean.) I am thinking about collecting a lot of these experimental games, at least the non-web-based ones. I have no real reason, other than to capture great creative moments in gaming.

Tomorrow's the last day. Peter Molyneux's talk is in the afternoon, and I always enjoy his presentations and mannerisms. Though I never take the fullest possible advantage, I love San Francisco. And though there is an entire day left, I already feel sad that I will leave on Saturday.
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I <3 gamedev.net, too.

I'm only pissed that my f'ing ping-pong ball was smashed. ;'(

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Hah I can't help but raise an eyebrow every time someone mentions YinYang or Shift. The originator of the idea (Negative Space) is a guy that published it on a webpage called Three Hundred Game Mechanics. (He's got about 70 game ideas there already, it's a working project.) There was some fuss about it because the creators of these games basically ripped the idea, added nothing and never gave credit (especially yinyang, IMO Shift is a lot more original). Basically it happened like this: "indie" company contacts the guy, asks him to work for them on a game of Negative Space, he says no, and they go ahead to make it themselves, no credit given. Jackasses.

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