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GDC 2008 - Thursday

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Yesterday was a fairly decent day, as far as sessions went. I also hit the floor and took a great many pictures, hopefully I can get those up sometime today...

As far as sessions go, the intel presentation on multithreading was more of an overview of existing techniques that are available to thread your application, focusing on technologies sponsored by, or implemented in, the Intel C++ compilers. They pretty much just covered the basics, with a few trivial samples. OpenMP, TBB, compiler extensions (for OpenMP basically, but making it less ugly [grin]), and OS specific information.

Afterwards I was going to hit up the Halo 3 vs Facebook session, but by the time I got to the door (3 minutes or so after leaving the Intel session) it was almost full. Yeah. So instead I decided to go have a laugh and hit up the Sun sponsored session. Twas a ball, basically a sales pitch that read "Please use and contribute to Darkstar," mind you... I have nothing against it (other than the Java portion), but I would have rather seen more on actual multi-server/multi-core coverage and less advertisement. For that matter, who on earth calls their project "Darkstar"... Honestly.

The floor was amusing, with me not trotting along with JWalsh, I found a great many more people were willing to try and bribe me for my attention with free goodies and long conversations that covered very little. I also found the nVidia booth and got to interview those fine folks... I was a bit late getting there though (my schedule said 4pm, theirs said 10am...) Never the less, we went ahead with it, and they've got some nice things to show for it.

Finally after I was done amusing myself on the floor, taking pictures, and talking to people, I went to the 'Virtual Greenspans - Running an MMOG Economy' session. It was quite wonderful, and who would have guessed that so many people would have found economics interesting enough to take their voluntary time to view it. The session was full enough that a few people were standing at the back. I also took plenty of photos of the Eve folks so that I can expose them as the evil entities that they aren't [grin].

Afterwards I wandered back to the expo floor to look around some more.

No real plans for today, going to hit up a few session and browse the floors again, taking more pictures (and retaking some pictures that didn't turn out so good).
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