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First of all, thanks to all the guys that have been posting from the GDC. I wasn't able to make it, but I've still managed to get some good stuff because of you guys. At least the ones that didn't mess up their schedules and miss it all - kidding, kidding.

So the GUI for the gameplay screen (with the actual board) is almost done. Once it is complete I can revamp the rules document with pictures and actual examples so that it makes sense. Now though, I have 4 major issues to hash through before releasing a demo.

  1. Cleaning up the movement of tokens (playing from the hand, moving on the board, discarding to the lost pile)

  2. Figuring out how to store token data. I don't see how I can't use a database since the token data may change in the future based on the meta-game, beta testing, etc. That raises the issue of finding a server to run the web services off of initially and/or storing one locally to be update via said services. Serialization of each game object seems like it would be entirely too slow, but for a total of 100 something resources may be a viable solution.

  3. Figuring out how to "interpret" the token's gametext. The only logical way I see to handle this is through scripting, but to be quite honest, I'm a bit unfamiliar with that so any pointers/links to help with the new Java scripting functionality would be greatly appreciated.

  4. AI - ugh. Probably my biggest learning curve to get back into. I wasn't even good at hunting the wumpus and he didn't have 60 resources to use against me in the darkness.

Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer.

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