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super incredible crazy insane!!

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GDC Blog Highlights

I took the time today to finally look through everyone else's blog posts from GDC. It was a pretty wide-spread case of not being able to connect to the internet easily enough that caused many to update sporadically. I'll touch more upon that in my annual GDC Postmortem next weekend tho. I suppose biggest props go to KHawk, tho he did have an advantage in internet access thanks to his aircard. His live-blog of Ernest Adam's talk is impressive indeed. I also wonder what story he was referring to regarding me. Now I'm curious! Also, I'm looking forward to Graham Rhode's interview with Pixelux on the digital molecular matter - that stuff is intense.

Lots of blogging lessons learned by all this year to apply to next.

Full GDC Coverage Forthcoming

Now that we're all back home (well, Richard's still on his way) we'll be posting up our complete coverage over the coming week. That means detailed summaries of the sessions and events that we attended. We'll focus on all the key aspects of each 60-minute lecture so you don't even have to bother with listing to an hour-long audio recording if you choose to buy the proceedings from the GDC store. Lots more pictures will be going up as well. Ideally we're going to try as much as possible to post up coverage exactly a week from last - so tomorrow hopefully you'll be seeing a lot of tutorial/summit stuff. We'll also be updating our blogs still with additional info.

As you can see in the picture above, I've just posted up images from last Sunday.

Game Institute Challenge #5 Comes to a Close

In what is the biggest turnout yet, a whopping 12 entries have been submitted for the fifth GI challenge. Yikes!! Here I was expecting a mere 3-5 like before! That's 2-3 games a day that I have to play and review in order to complete the judging on time by the end of the week. Why am I so retarded to always think that I have all this free time right after GDC?? Anyways good luck to all the entrants, can't wait to play your games!

Updating the Publishing Calendar

I'm replacing all my content pieces this week with reviews to free up some more time for me to work on my GDC coverage and contest judging, among other things like following up with all my GDC contacts. Once I hear back from John what reviews he wants to push forward I'll be shuffling the schedule around. Once again my belief in being a robot that needs no sleep or nourishment (damn you GDNet staff for imbuing this belief!) has err'd my judgment into thinking I could publish not two but three articles this week. I need to seriously get a better grip on my limitations!!

Speaking of Sleep...

Crap it's already freaking 10 past six in the morning and that means I only get 5 hours of sleep. Oh woe is me. Ok not really - 5 hours is bare minimum so I'm still okay... so long as I'm not doing it all week. But even then I can at least last a week - and I've already decided to take next month off (haaahahaahahahhhaahahhaahahhaahahahahahhaha yea right) so I should be good.

Wait I'm fooling myself again aren't I?
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