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Every now and then at work I can't help but get the feeling "Holy crap, I make video games!" Today was one of those days.

Since I'm a tools programmer, almost all my changes are exclusively PC side. Last week I started making my first console-side feature, and today I started testing it. Hitting F5 in Visual Studio and seeing the Xbox on the other side of the cubical boot up my test level made me feel like I was twelve years old. It was awesome.

In school related news, I've been working on my animation project lately. MSDN documentation for some of their model loading and skinned mesh stuff is terrible. Like completely not helpful. Things like the help page for ID3DXSkinInfo. If all I need to know is function return types and signatures, I'll check intellisense. If I want to know more than that, which as it turns out I do, I guess I'm just screwed [flaming].
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