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7:30am... damn

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So, finally have some stuff starting to appear on the main coverage page for GDC 08! Check out the following additions I uploaded today:All that took me nearly 5 hours to write up, although I did take a few short breaks here and there. In listening to the audio I recorded for each session, I forgot that my cellphone tends to interfere horribly with the recording device. Every now and then I get this horrid noise like a beep/buzzing sound that just kills the entire audio and I can barely understand a word being said. Hopefully this doesn't cripple me too much seeing as I took no written notes. In most cases though I was able to just use the slides and skim through the audio for additional info and direct quotes. The only article I didn't write up that should be live today is the Introversion talk, but I technically didn't attend that so I guess I'm sort of off the hook, haha.

I also spent nearly two hours judging two of the twelve entries in the latest Game Institute student challenge, the theme this time being puzzle/card games. One was PC version of the card game Yaniv but had to have been incomplete, because I couldn't see my complete hand at any time and so could never figure out what cards to discard and how many points I had. That was disappointing, but the next game got me hooked. It was a PC version of board game Baagchaal, which is Nepal's equivalent to chess, shogi and go. The AI was very well done, and the reason I spent two hours judging is because it took me nearly 45 minutes to beat the tigers using goats. At first I though the game was seriously mis-balanced because running the AI vs. AI simulation over a dozen times produced only one goat win (and only when no goats were killed). But when I looked up the rules online and they matched the game's, I hunkered back down and played the computer some more until I finally managed to corral the tigers using all my goats (and even losing one). I was a bit disappointed that both games weren't original, but they were still (well, in one case) completed games, and that says a lot. Looking forward to checking out the rest over the next few days.

*sigh* It's getting on 7:45 now... I suppose I should at least get some sleep. The day was also spent sending out follow-ups to all the business meetings that I held at GDC - I didn't even bother entering their contact info into my address book - I'll take care of all that next week. Then I nearly forgot to work up and dispatch this week's GDNet Direct (thank goodness for Outlook tasks). Oh and in addition to normal social network upkeep and email.

I can already tell that this is going to be a fun week. Oh yea.
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