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GDC 08 - Discuss!!

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Hey everyone, this is just another friendly reminder to click that "Discuss this" link to the right of every article and every picture that gets posted as part of our GDC coverage and adding your $0.02. Nothing there? Get the conversation started! You can bookmark the thread or set email notifications to track updates. You know we always love to hear from all you guys, and it makes us feel good, so that we can go back next year and do even better.

Oh, and I've talked to superpig about exposing the comments entirely so that they are on the same page as the article/image just like journal comments (without having to click through to see them though) so that it'll be even easier to jump into a conversation about a picture or article. We're getting a ton of readership on this coverage so start sharing those thoughts!

A Few Hours Later...*

The awesome supreme being that is superpig has the comment indicators working! We'll save the direct integration for next year - for now you can just see below the comment link how many comments have been posted for that item so you can check out the conversation. If you don't see any it's because there are none.

*this does not imply that it took superpig hours to include this functionality, it merely marks the passage of time for me to return home and discover it is done
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