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Portfolio, Hull Breach, Digital Painting

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I've been working damn hard on my portfolio, and it's finally coming together in what I hope is a solid enough design that says "I'm worth it!". (And man, I've learned a ton of CSS nonsense in the last few days.) The layout of the page is more or less down, now I have to fill in all the content.

I would appreciate feedback and advice, if anyone wants to share.

Asteroid Factory

As the title suggests, I set up a class that can spit out random asteroids for some good, clean fun all around.

The screenshot suggests an alarming narrative: You're stuck in the middle of an asteroid storm with a massive hull breach and a reactor core leak! ... or something. 'Course, it's all show.

I have a problem with wanting to make finalized graphics while in development, so I get bogged down in getting every detail right (the perfectionist I am) while the code starts to slip: No more! I'm going to be quite intentionally using placeholder graphics from now on, so that's the last pretty screenshot you're going to get for a while. And, as said, I'm concentrating on getting freelance work over my personal coding.

And I'll post a rough design document for Oort soon.

Macroing My Skills

Over time I go from feeling wonderful about my abilities to feeling like I totally suck. It swings back and forth, and I recognize that so I try not to take it too seriously. Still, perhaps something constructive can come out of feeling crappy about my art skillz.

I've resolved to do a little bit of digital painting each day, no matter how horrible it turns out and how bad I feel about it. ... and maybe I'll even post it, no matter how bad. This way I can grind through some levels in digital art and crank my skills. Also been reading lots about doing digital art by people better at it than I.

Here's what I've done from Feb. 23-26 (sometimes I do multiple pictures if I feel like it):

A good percentage of what all artists make is not awesome, and in fact could be called "sucky". It's through screwing up that we learn - maybe that's what artists call "sketches". So I'm going to keep painting and posting whatever it is that comes out of it.

I should probably alter the description of this journal to reflect the shifts in focus, all in good time.
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Isn't CSS fun? Almost as fun as trial-and-error scripting (also known as javascript). Although those pipes look kind of familiar...

And if most of what artists draw is considered sucky, then I may just be an artist. Wait, was that most or all? Keep up the good work, especially on your freelance stuff [grin]

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The website is coming along really well - congrats!

Although you've probably come across it in your travels, one website that you might find helpful to motivate your painting is ConceptArt.

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darkpegasus :
Sure thing, uh, everyone is an artist and special in their own way. Even you! ;)
CSS has a way of just not-working without any indication of what went wrong -- but then again it's always a missed semicolon or pound sign. Still, amazing what can be done with it.
I will admit that, as you can see, the style for my portfolio page is totally inspired by the work I'm doing on the GUI for Delta Spire.
And thanks for the support.

Thanks for the kind word and the link too.
I have come across the site on occasion, but I'll probably bookmark it this time. At some points seeing highly skilled professional work just made me depressed at how much I couldn't do, but I think I'll try to take it as a challenge to meet; if the last few years taught me anything, it's that instead of being overwhelmed you gotta look closely at what other people are doing right and learn from it.
And hell, that guy who did the Neverwinter Nights art up on there went to the same school as me, probably a lot of Bioware artists did.

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