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another post-GDC update

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My interview with ARM, regarding their current generation of mobile 2D and 3D graphics hardware, plus their newly announced Mali-JSR297 3D software engine for mobile platforms, is now posted. It takes a vast amount of time to transcribe these interviews from my digital recorders...you have to play a bit of the interview, pause, type a bit in, maybe rewind and replay, etc. Then read through and correct things after its done. I suppose there is voice recognition software that may or may not work semi-well. For four interviews, I think even spending 3 or so hours transcribing each interview this way will take less time than finding, installing, testing, using and verifying results from a software solution. But I will investigate that option for the future...

Tomorrow night I'll get to some of the hourly lectures. I have several lectures and 2 interviews to go (umbra and Havok), so it will be the weekend before all my stuff is published.

I hope you are all enjoying this coverage!

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