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A day behind but still on schedule

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So I'm already a full day behind in posting my coverage, but that's okay because Thursday I missed all my sessions so I have a free day to play catch up. It also didn't help that the two postmortems that I wrote up today were both over 3,000 words each. (Take that, Gamasutra!!) However there's a lot of great info in em, it's not just fluff. Check out what I got up today:

Postmortem: Torpex's SCHIZOID
Ninja Ways: An N+ Postmortem
A Tale of Two Kyles

I still have not heard back from the IV folk on the branding session so that still remains unpublished. Hopefully I get a response back tomorrow.

Nothing else of special note for today... It's another 5 hours of sleep for me tonight, but the weekend is almost here... I'll most likely have stuff still to post come Sat/Sun but it won't be a lot, mainly briefings and interviews.
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