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Yes I'm still here

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Sorry about the recent lack of updates. I wish I could say it was because I was doing something frightfully interesting. To the contrary, it's because I'm doing something frightfully uninteresting. Actually I'm streamlining my build process. I've noticed that some game portals like to see customized games (i.e. ones that show their logo). Or occasionally I set up side-deals that want stuff done with the games like bigfishgames who like my games but have their own ad-revenue and don't want the mochiads.

So I've been putting together a little process that'll make it easier. Flash itself isn't really intended to be used as part of a build process. It really wants to be a big polyglot build environment that has every possible build tool you'll ever need. Unfortunately it's never quite like that. Flex seems have changed that quite a lot with their command line builders and suchlike, but I'm too entrenched in Flash to bother with that.

Flash does have JSFL, which is a javascript language used to actually script the Flash IDE. It's usually used for building custom tools for FLash because the hooks into the Flash UI run pretty deep. It can, however, just be used as a batch language that runs within Flash itself. Flash doesn't have a preprocessor that I can abuse, so some of my build-steps are a mite inelegant, like copying custom include files and plugin classes from a temp directory into the build path.

And it's working. I now have games that'll talk to just about every high score system out there and a few custom builds for major game-portals. And if there's no high score system available, I now pop up an in-game leaderboard that works across all instances. Cool.

I'll probably update it on the play-n-share page today.
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