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I am working on creating and destroying actors however it seems the odd time ageia just likes to crash.

My Modeler has sent a picture of the machine gun... instead of the actual model.

Edit: What game is complete without a
>car gun"! Still mostly stock art

The unreasonable reasonable
Looking for a freelance artist, that can model, animate, texture and do it a reasonable time and god damn it send daily progress reports.
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The "model" looks like it was cut from another picture. Hmmm =/

I've haven't used Aegia much yet but have done a lot of work with ODE. One problem that I had with creating and destroying objects in ODE is that the library is very particular about WHEN this is being done. What I did was use my event system to pass create and destroy events within my ODE wrapper and only execute them after the simulation step. So, when the create/destory functions are called, nothing is created nor destroyed. Only the event is sent. When it is absolutely safe to add and remove objects from the engine are the events executed. Haven't had a problem since.

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Well i figured out the problem with the ageia and it seems you were right, I was doing it in the wrong oder. First destroy call simulate, then get the results, then delete the objects. I was waiting for the results, then simulating, then deleting which it didnt like.

also car gun

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