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Website Updated

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Well tried a nice website template from Arcsin offered through the Creative Commons. A bit dark, but nice. The polygon lend's itself to the Z Axis concept I think.. Right now I'm using NVU to edit and publish. Simple but powerful tool but I still need to resolve getting a blog tool working on the web-site.

As it's been over a decade since I messed around with web publishing, I think I might have erred by choosing a Microsoft based hosting package. Seems most of the good tools like WordPress make use of a Linux webserver. Anyway no rush, and any feedback or advice is appreciated.

I'm working my way through O'Reilly's C# Head First book and I'm currently refreshing methods & classes. I'm still a bit unsure on some topics regarding the calls however by the end of next week I'm expecting to do the first large programming exercise. It's programming a simple Window's Form 2D adventure RPG. I have plans on heavily modifying the suggested code and giving it some unique 'twists' and spice up the plot quite a bit.

We'll see.
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