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Curses and Curtsy

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Trapper Zoid


I'll keep on posting pictures of Terminal to make use of my space here. I've been playing with what you can do with the cap on colours and characters in curses (yay alliteration). There doesn't appear to be a grey, but there is bold and non-bold that can similar different intensities to an extent.

Most of the work I've done has been internal as I try to come to grips with Python packages. I'm still a bit unclear as to proper Python programming procedure (more alliteration FTW). I think it's pretty cool that packages are implemented as dictionaries, so they can be manipulated just like any other data structure, but it's something I don't know whether is a good thing or not. It's something I could certainly use - or perhaps abuse - as I get more comfortable with Python.

My new package is a wrapper around curses so I can stick in helpful functions as I need them. I've named the wrapper "curtsy" to continue the popular trend of weird acronyms; "Project Curtsy" is going to be my working title for this excursion into ASCII land. I'm a bit uncomfortable that I may have abstracted things one step too far; curtsy is a wrapper around Python's wrapper for the C curses module - and who knows how many wrappers are contained with that? But it's not as if blinding speed is a selling point in a text-based Python game.

I've also got Subversion running on my iMac so I can have some version control. All version control systems are a pain in the neck to get running, but once they're all installed they run smoothly. I'm happier when I know I can make major changes with a safety net in case everything goes belly up.

Next up: getting some window-like constructs emulated in curtsy/curses, then see how I can get input into this thing.
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