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The Six Demo

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Ok I haven't updated the journal in a long time, mainly because I'm not working on the RPG project anymore. My artist wasn't able to make graphics for the game anymore so I decided to work on something else.

The Six is a platfromer that you play as the number six inside a computer program who broke out from the system and is now fighting against it. This is only a demo of the first level and I'm planning to add much more. Please download it and tell me what you think!

Controls: Z-Jump, X-Shoot, Esc-Exit Game, Enter-Pause/Select
Gamepad: button 1 - shoot, button 2-jump

Blue powerups restore your health, red powerups increase your maximum health, and green powerups increase your firing speed.


Screen Shots:

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Hah it's definitely different, you don't see many ascii-inspired (ascii-based?) games outside the Rogue-like genre so this platformer was a surprise! The only thing I didn't like was that the screen seemed too small so enemies tend to show up too quickly. Also in 5mins of play I can't get past the first tank :) Other than that it's pretty cool!

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pretty cool, I too like the ASCII use for ground and trees and stuff. Only played a bit through but one thing I noticed was the need to crouch. Pressed every key and nothing. I was also able to jump through a few corners of the level. Decent platformer overall so far

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