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New Project Time!

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I've been stuck in a coding rut for a while, but managed to pull myself out of it in the lst month finally. And now I'm up to the point where I might as well give people a glimpse of what I'm working on. [grin]

I was running a tiny linux box on my LAN as an SVN repository, but since moving house I no longer have a static IP so I needed something better. So I decided to switch my website hosting to somewhere else which would also provide subversion repositories. Took me a couple of weeks to move the content over from Drupal to Wordpress, but it's all done now. I couldn't be bothered to customise the theme so it's a bit lame at the moment but all the content is all there and I'm more interested in my current project at the moment.

As a side effect I've also started a seperate SVN repository for my "life" stuff (personal docs, records, bills, etc. etc.) so I don't have to worry about backing them up myself. I'm not sure how this is going to work out yet, but I'll give it a go and see.

New Project
This is going to be a mix of a platformer and a scrolling beat-em-up, with my main two influences currently being Streets Of Rage and Viewtiful Joe. And I'm working on it with an artist which means the sprites are going to totally rock. [grin]

Instead of a tile-based approach I'm going for something based on vectors, which is something I've wanted to try for a long time. That should mean I can get nicely varied terrain without the obvious blockyness that you get with tiles.

Currently I'm trying to add an enemy with some simple AI, with tiles that would be somewhat easier, instead I'm generating a network of waypoints to run A* over. You can see the current waypoint network in the screenshot above, which is mostly correct but has quite a few extra links which I need to find a way to remove.
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heh - you've been 'subverted' :)
Just managed to pull myself out of a coding rut - always seems to happen after the new year!
BTW - anything ever come of that ocean animation stuff you were looking at a while ago?

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I'm not sure what you mean by the ocean animation stuff - if you're talking about the blue/white water ripples that I was doing for Rescue Squad 2, that's currently on hold while I get the energy to write a suitable map editor for it. If you mean the distortion/ripple effects then that was just random tinkering, I haven't found a proper in-game use for it yet.

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OMG! re: Ocean stuff, I totally mis-associated you with FunkyMunky, who has an orang-utan for his avatar! lol @ how my brain (doesn't) work...

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