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Ups and Downs

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Stephen R


Today was a day of extremes.

I woke up thismorning early - which I never do. It took me two seconds to figure out that I was awake because my throat was on fire and my brain was in agony. My body must have decided it was unfair to hog all the pain for itself. Anyway I got up, shoved down some medicine of a soluble nature and turned on the TV.

I went into Dublin City then to browse the bookshops as I'd recently come into some moneys. I found a copy of Game Programming Methods. Took a quick flick through the book and was very impressed. Saw mittens name on the terrain engine article and bought the book. I have to say that I'm very happy with it.

Once I got back I got to work on the walking scene of the demo. I didn't get the text code done today but I did put a nice polish on the code I did yesterday. A bit more efficient rendering code but most of my work went into getting a good frame rate to use in animations. The main problem stems from the fact that I'm using the music to synk the demo. I use its GetTime function to get the offset in milliseconds from the beginning of the file. I decided to use the musics GetTime function to synk the scripted events but use the high resolution QueryPerformanceCounter function to time the animations. I haven't got that fully implemented yet but it shouldn't take me too long.

On the other side of the coin I realized that I'm going to have to restructure the rendering system. At the moment the walking scene is pretty much a selfcontained hardcoded system. Everything would have to recoded for the next scene which would result in huge amounts of redundant code. I'm going to bring in my Scene Graph code that I have in Kernel Chaos and edit it for the demo. I keep on reading about seperating the rendering aspects of the scene-graph from the update/animation aspects. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to go about this but I'll figure something out. My current code for the walking scene will be used but it will be split up and placed in more reusable containers. Another few days work but I don't mind as it will save me much more in the long run.
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