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Haven't had much free time to get anything done on the game. I used to spend most of my weekends working on it but I've found myself spending a lot more time going out to concerts and entertaining my lady friend. She's not bad at entertaining me either. What are the odds you're going to find a smart, hot chick with a great personality that likes to play video games AND likes you? One in a million by my calculations [grin]

Made the official transition to my new team this week. Spent last night drinking with these guys at The Hives show and I think it's going to be a great group for me. Re-writing screwed up java apps isn't at the top of my list of things I'd like to do but it's far better than CSS and portlets.

Delta Spire
So legal targets are now checked after every action in each phase. Tokens that are valid targets are highlighted in green and can be played from the hand. Board movement has been implemented and the gameplay UI is almost complete. Hurdles now are implementing "battle" and figuring out how to process a token's game text. I'm thinking some type of syntax that is parsed and sent to javascript methods is looking like the way to go. I'll figure it out this week which should allow a full game to be played fairly soon.

Something shiny...

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Lucky. I'm still working on the "likes video games" part. Hit every other one so far...

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As always, this screenshot looks even better than your last. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Lucky


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Nice screenshot.

Just a couple comments on the layout: I find the left side bar a little distracting as it's pretty irregular. Looks maybe a bit cobbled together? Also the polygons along the bottom are offset from the board and the spheres by different amounts. It might look better if they were spaced more evenly?

Anyhoo... those are just suggestions. Looks sweet. :)

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