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A little more downtime

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No GDC coverage today. Well, none that's finished anyways. I got started but then diverted to other tasks. Had some minor backlog that was just annoying the hell out of me - simple stuff I just had to get done and out of the way so it would stop nagging me from the back of my head. I also posted up Rich's third and final installment to the Creating Minimal Pixel Art with Photoshop series. Then I edited two articles - it's nice to know that there's plenty of good stuff to push onto the publishing queue. Then I flaked out and finished my Star Wars book (Revelation: Jacen's downfall is so sweet) and watched Shaun of the Dead. I'm not hard to get laughing and there were plenty of constant giggles but I was hoping for a bit more on the uproarious side. Oh well it was still entertaining.

Last nite I fell asleep reading - fully clothed with the lights on and all that. Needless to say when this happens I never feel like I got a decent night's sleep, so I'm off to bed a bit early to catch some decent Z's.

GDC coverage for me returns tomorrow. Stay tuned!
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