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Ah, life is fine.

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Ah yes, laying in the hammock in the back yard, sippin the breeze, watching the world go by. Wonders of modern WiFi technology.

I read an awesome article and found an even awesome(er?) game on this fine day, over at gamasutra. Its the recent feature from our buddy Earnest Adams, about the ever so fun game SAIS. Check it out.

I also have done unreasonable amounts of work this weekend on the old game, and it has payed off. I finally get Lua cooking like i want it to and it ends up giving me an annoying error about C function declaration or some crap of the sort, and it got me frustrated enough to take the rest of the weekend off. What a shame right?

Right now the game is going fairly well..i have it like half lua scripted and half .txt file read ins..its sad. The maps are one big txt file, and the bounding boxes for that map is built in another txt files full of ones and zeros, one being walkable and zero being not walkable.

Does anyone remember the days when the programmer was also the artist and the designer? What happened to those games...i like those games. So shoot me right?

Ah tetris and asteroids, classic.

Peace out yo.

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