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And so the journy begins

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After much contemplation and dispite what I said on the forums just recently I made my decision on my path. I am going to be using DX and C++ for my learning game dev endeavor. Before you say EWE C++ I have been using C++ for about 6 years total now. Grantid there is always something to learn with C++ and that is exactly why I chose it. I love to learn something new every time I stumble on a problem I am having while coding. With that said i will be picking up this book.
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I have one of the previous editions of that, just called Introduction to Game Programming with DirectX 9.0. I like it. There's a lot of stuff my version doesn't get into, but as an all round introduction to the graphical side of DX game programming and as a primer on vector maths, it is superb.

The version you have is apparently a complete rewrite though, so most of the above is possibly irrelevant.

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From what I noticed so far it is really well written. The math primer is a great refresher. The win32 apendix is perfect. I really like the HLSL appendix as well. I own the previous edition as well and lost it somehow probably because I never really used it. Some of the biggest changes I have noticed is that it abandons the fixed fuction pipleline totally. When you start actually rendering stuff to the screen it is all about the shaders. It also covers some very convenient stuff like Normal Maps, Terrain, and water all using shaders.

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