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ridin on bumps

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I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I would throw in a little update.

I am currently trying to find some type of programming job locally. I am still working on Bench Racer, and I actually have gotten far in it. I can drive on terrain and I have 2 camera types. I made a small video driving around also.

I might be making a different blog page so I can embed videos into the page and more importantly I want a blog that will load faster then gamdev can provide. I guess Ill post a link here whenever I am ready to move.

an awesome screen + vid

">YouTube Video

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How is Pipe Wolrd selling? Always interested to see how these games do.

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only sold a few from my site. Oberon Media is going to start selling the game online everywhere soon though. My site gets like 100 visits a day at most vs the casual game sites get millions per day. So I am yet to see what these "games" will sell like. I am not allowed to disclose sales figures anyways, but once I find out ill let everyone know by saying "sales are good" or something. lol

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You should have a chat with John Hattan, I'm sure he has a few tips he could offer. Good luck with Oberon.

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