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Components?, Painting, Isostrat download

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Self Promotion

I've been putting more content into my portfolio and have added a promotional td to the top of this journal page. Once I finish filling in my portfolio I'll actually post in the forums here ... and maybe elsewhere, who knows!

I'll be getting my permanent residence this month, so we'll just have to see if I have to get a real job, heh! I wonder what sort of gig I could scam my way into, considering the people at Laura's work who couldn't code their way out of a wet paper bag (with a masters in CS!?).

Components in Oort

I think what is getting in my way with Oort is the bulkiness of the components as I've implemented them. My system is just not good enough. (I could go into details ... but oh, god, the pain. I know it could be done better.) I should read more about how to implement components, something that goes into detail, or even better would be to see some code. Yeah, "don't learn from code", but ... hell, there's something to be learned from seeing code that makes things happen then figuring out how that happens, like what I got from a lot of dcosborn's code -- a challenge!*

On the other hand, I may just code things ad-hoc so that I can get on with making a game rather than struggling with an engine. Hell with the consequences, I want to be blasting asteroids and collecting loot!

(And of course part of this is how I've been focusing on art rather than code in the last while. I still really enjoy coding but it isn't likely to pay the bills anytime soon. There is little professional room for artist/coders, except in tiny indie productions ... which don't have money. You see my problem here.)

Digital Painting

I'm enjoying it, and I'm learning, I think. And after seeing boolean's time-compressed digital drawing video on youtube, I've got to make one too.


As I said a while ago, I got together what appears to be a working .rar of Isostrat with all the code and resources open. Enjoy: download here.

Requires Python 2.5 and Pygame 1.7.1 and probably only works in Windows, considering how I handled filenames.

And I actually quite like it, playing it it again. It's quick and speedy and has a lot of promise. I find myself imagining what I'd do if I did the rendering through Pyglet; I wouldn't have to worry about limiting the pixels I push to the screen, and Pyglet has a much more forgiving text renderer I think. I'd probably want to re-think much of how I handled the GUIs interaction with the game, but ... it'd be neat.

(Restrain yourself, self! One thing at a time.)

* And I filled my dcosborn reference quota.
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