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It's chapter 11 week

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SCO files chapter 11. No surprise there. When your main competition is as good or better than your product and is free, you're not long for the world. Solaris is equally doomed and for the same reason, but that's also no surprise.

Sharper Image files chapter 11. Again, no surprise. When your flagship product is an air-cleaner that doesn't actually clean air, then you shouldn't have long-term plans. They should've taken a cue from those diet-pill commercials on teevee -- sell your fake product for a few months, then disappear before folks realize that your product doesn't actually do anything.

Ziff Davis files chapter 11. Thirdly, no surprise. Computer magazines have been on a long slow decline since the early 90's. PC Magazine used to be the size of a small-town phone book. Now it's thinner than TV Guide.

Interestingly, I just bought a subscription to Craft magazine for Shelly. We opted to save $5 by purchasing the non-paper version. Online magazines have their own problems, like dirt-simple piracy. PC Magazine has gotten around that by going with a DRM-laden online magazine reader format (that apparently stops piracy for about eight minutes if the torrent-searches for PC Magazine are any indication), but it apparently wasn't enough.

I wonder if they'll go the way of Dr Dobbs and Game Developer and just start giving the magazine away with the hopes that they'll make money on advertising.
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SCO's still appealing. Dunno how far they'll get with it (I am guessing not very). Someone's loaned them $100M @ 17% and that's not going to end well.

Wonder what we can get at their close-out auction?

Who's next? Dodge?

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