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At the edge of time...

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I did a test to get "smooth" edges. Here is the result (clic on the images to get the full size).

Without edges

With edges

Display bugs due to the edges

What do you think I should do ?
- let them
- remove them
- allow the user to enable them or not
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Recommended Comments

I think the edges look fantastic (assuming of course you want a slightly more cartoony look) and personally I'd want to leave it in. I think these are really part of the look of the game - far moreso that say the shadowing algorithm used - so I myself wouldn't be giving users options to turn it on and off. I think the challange is more to work out how to get the cool edges on the internal objects, while avoiding the artifacts.

Did you consider putting a flag on the shapes to turn it on for stand alone items, and disable it for tightly tiled objects (like the walls and floors - which seem to be where the artifacts show up)?

Or could you possibly move the edge algorithm into screen space as a post effect? I'm assuming you'd need depth buffer read back - but if you got it working, this would automagically handle the tight tiling on things like walls - and even nasty scenarios where a square topped statue was right up against a wall.

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My vote is either for keeping them, or for having them enabled by default with the option to disable them. They look sexy in the screenshot [smile]

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minor difference to me, but if they're already fully implemented (and this was not a small test) no sense wasting them. An option to enable/disable seems best at that point.

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I say keep 'em. They really make some of the stuff pop out, like the pillars with the blue tops in the first couple shots.

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I reckon they look awesome. Of course, how they look in motion is the real test. If you don't get any popping or other artifacts, I reckon keep 'em in.

Beautiful looking work as always!

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Thanks everybody. It is functional as is but I get artifacts while moving. As MudCake stated, I'll have to find a way to remove, or manage in a specific way the edges of the tightly tiled objects.

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