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I iz a 3d modelzar!!!

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Behold, my table and chairs.

Milkshape rocks. I reckon if I'm still interested in another week or so, I'm going to bung some money at it and get the proper version. Messing about with the trial at the moment, but having seen some of the results others round here have got and having put the above together within about an hour of downloading Milkshape, I'm pretty impressed.

Given that I've had Blender for about six months and still can barely deform a cube.

I particularly like the three orthagonal views. It seems to make it pretty easy to keep a handle on exactly where everything is.

Even if I'm going to keep writing 2D games, I badly need to get good at 3D modelling pretty quick. I'm sick and tired of drawing sprites with Paint Shop.

Anyway, that's the lot. Working (as in, work, not this shit) all weekend so have just grabbed an hour on a Saturday night on the PC after an 8 hour day with another 8 hours at work to look forward to tomorrow. I've got my permanent contract starting from Monday - not sure whether to celebrate or kill myself.
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Good luck!
I wouldn't swap Blender for anything else now I'm accustomed to it :)

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