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A year orso ago I made a small post on how I made the "vyper" engine. And lately I have been scouring the Beginners forum again in my free time and noticed a lot of people are still wodering what langauges to use etc etc.

I have found most of the notes i took in the 7 weeks I made vyper and was curious if there was a interest if I made a small guide on some of the important things you need to know in C++ / game development.

Most likely I will write it in the 2 weeks im in switserland but we will see :)

Currently i am playing with DirectX 10 for fun, testing whats really different but i am more curious to see IF DX10 is actually faster then 9 if you write it in pure DX10 code.

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I would vote yes in a poll of being interested in such notes formed into a guide to what you need to know in C++. It all helps budding developers.

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