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Development update - milestone completed

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Time for a long-awaited update.

I am happy to announce the second development milestone of Freehauler is now complete!

It's been a while, but there has been a TON of work done since the last write-up.
The result... a functioning game editor and prototype game engine!

Here are some actual screenshots.

width="699" />

width="802" />

The above shows in-development screens that use other people's art as placeholders. All art will be replaced in the full version of the game.

With a prototype now finished, we are now thinking towards a final release.

The next milestone step will focus on game content and visual style designs.

The content design part will include creating new content types such as a storyline, missions, characters, factions, technical upgrade options and a bunch of other features from past forum discussions (some of these can be found in the archives of the Freehauler forum).

The visual style part will involve creating a cool and consistent visual code for graphics and user interface layout.

There is also a new website design in the works.

I'll try and post more regular updates. It should be more interesting from now on as I'll have more to say on game design than software design and databases.
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Hey damon !

I'm very happy your project progress !!! :D

Mine is not dead too, back after 4 month freeze because of 2 works.

Keep up the good work !!! :D

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Happy also you make it with delphi, i use delphi too for FAR Colony, i've rewritten most of the code and i implement game elements now.

If you need some background/info/spacecraft materials for your world, since mine is also hard sf, i'll can contribute in your project. In any level.

I propose you that because i can't help you for coding, all my coding/design time is dedicated to FARC i'm sorry :(

anyway if you're interested: farcodev@users.sourceforge.net

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Is this game freeware? I suspect you have invested alot of time and effort on this game, however the graphics and UI look absolutely abysmal. What is your target audience? Does the game have online capabilities? I suspect your market is somewhat of a niche.. if this not a freeware game, are you expecting it to be financially viable?

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The game is not Freeware. The target audience is the single player space trading market.
While it may not be aesthetically pleasing, the objective is to create a dynamic game setting and open-ended style game-play with high replay value.

On a low budget, high class graphics is not an option, what you see is an early prototype anyway - designed to be functional, doesn't need to look a million bucks in the early stages of production.

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